This is my scrapyard, a new chat room for the people who don't want to listen to some twat waffle on about how ace hanson are anymore.  If you like heavy music, be it Korn or the Deftones, the Pumpkins or Metallica, then you may have juts found the room you've been looking for.  So come in and make yourself at home.
Chris Officer aka Orf.

The usual netiquette should be observed, no caps, no harrassing other users etc.  Enjoy.

Hopefully if the room becomes popular enough i'll add more features to it, maybe a message board or something, mail me with any ideas.

You can also visit my homepage here.  It has lot's of links, info about bands, myself andother stuff including my webring.

In the very near future (before summer 99) i will be redoing this page, trying to get more people coming to it and revamping it, maybe even taking it off that smelly channel.